Supreme Fabric

Supreme Fabric Features

The general features of this fabric are listed as follows,

The front and back faces are different,

It is a fabric that can be produced in open width or tube form,

It is possible to obtain a wider width than other knitted fabrics,

It stretches both longitudinal and transverse, but has the lowest stretch rates when compared to other fabrics. The weave report comes from at least one needle and one thread movement on a single needle plate (the normal weave report consists of two stitches side by side and two stitches on top of each other.)

Since the fabric is formed on

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Gabardine Fabric

What is Gabardine Fabric

Gabardine fabric is simply a kind of thickly woven woolen or cotton fabric. It is used in making durable fabrics. It weaved with twill knit. But the warp or the weft is weaved more tight than usual. Gabardine fabrics are waterproof because the rigors are always more upright at an angle of 45 degrees in the face or in the opposite direction of the fabric.

Gabardine Fabric Features

The gabardine warps fabrics that woven by dominated twill knitting. It is durable and has little elasticity.

The technical features are usually a woolen or cotton fabric which is woven in 2/1

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