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Kataloğumuzu incelediniz mi?
  • Supreme Fabric
  • Gabardine Fabric
Supreme Fabric

Supreme Fabric Features

The general features of this fabric are listed as follows,

The front and back faces are different,

It is a fabric that can be produced in open width or tube form,

It is possible to obtain a wider width than other knitted fabrics,

It stretches both longitudinal and transverse, but has the lowest stretch rates when compared to other fabrics. The weave report comes from at least one needle and one thread movement on a single needle plate (the normal weave report consists of two stitches side by side and two stitches on top of each other.)

Since the fabric is formed on a single plate, the amount of thread consumed is minimal,

Dimensional stability is low,

The shape may deteriorate when it stretches,

The compatibility with body movements is reduced by the fact that it is less flexible than other single yarn knitted fabrics,

There are curls from the sides towards the back of the fabric and there are also curls from the top and bottom to the front face of the knit,

It has the lowest patterning possibility compared to other fabrics,

Because of the volume of the fabric, the absorbency is good due to its moisture-absorbing features,

If the thread is broken, the broken knits cause the knit rings to fly away,

The thickness of the knitted fabric is lower if the used raw material remains the same.

They vary between thin, lightweight structures and heavy structures,

Cutting and sewing is problematic due to the stretching feature,

Partly underwear and widely summer outdoor clothing industry use gabardine fabric,

It does not want a lot of ironing, it easily loses their wrinkles.

Gabardine Fabric

What is Gabardine Fabric

Gabardine fabric is simply a kind of thickly woven woolen or cotton fabric. It is used in making durable fabrics. It weaved with twill knit. But the warp or the weft is weaved more tight than usual. Gabardine fabrics are waterproof because the rigors are always more upright at an angle of 45 degrees in the face or in the opposite direction of the fabric.

Gabardine Fabric Features

The gabardine warps fabrics that woven by dominated twill knitting. It is durable and has little elasticity.

The technical features are usually a woolen or cotton fabric which is woven in 2/1 twill weave, the warp is dominant and it has vertical twill effect. The warp frequency is increased to provide water-tightness for overcoats. Pants and trench coats 40/2 - 48/2 Ne warp, 20/1 - 24/1 or 40/2 - 48/2 Ne is obtained using weft threads.

In a quality gabardine fabric has 75/2 Nm worsted warp, 60/2 or 80/2 Ne cotton weft, 40 warps in cm, 35 wefts in frequent and 2/2 twill weave. Cotton weft is skein dyed thread and topcoat is applied to the fabric.

In a fine quality cotton gabardine is used in, weft and warp 80/2 Ne thread, in cm. 64 warp, 30 wefts. Thick gabardine features 30/2 thread are also used. Dry cleaning can be done for the cleaning of gabardine fabrics. However, it is necessary to carry out cleaning operations according to the washing and cleaning instructions on the product used.

Gabardine Fabric Types

Gabardine fabric is divided into various kinds; Cotton gabardine, wool gabardine, light weight gabardine, polyester gabardine, bright gabardine, lyocell gabardine, wool mixture gabardine.

Where Gabardine Fabrics are Used

Gabardine fabric is used in many clothing areas. The main gabardine fabric is used in trousers, jackets, men's and ladies' clothes, and fabric shoes. Lightweight gabardine fabrics are mostly used in sportswear.

Gabardine Fabric’s Sellers

Our gabardine fabric sales company established in 1983 and served to Aegean Region companies until 2005. With the Union Textile Dealership, the company has started to provide personnel fabric service to all around the Turkey. Since 2008, we continue our sales with MATESA TEKSTİL A.Ş. We are importing raw cloth besides ready imported colors in harmony blend fabric group. Also, we are cloth dyeing in the country for the colors that our customers especially want. All our gabardine fabrics are certified and we do not compromise on gabardine fabric quality. We are able to send all the goods to your address within a day from our stocks. Thus, we keep customer satisfaction on the front line.

Brief History of Gabardine

Gabardine was discovered by Thomas Burberry in 1879 and became patented in 1888. Thomas Burberry is the founder of the Basingstoke Burberry fashion house. In the beginning, by the reasons of tightly woven and water repellent features of the gabardine, it was more comfortable than rubber fabrics. The name of gabardine entered the sector with the long cloaks used in the middle ages and the gabardine used in the making of raincoats. The name of gabardine is also mentioned in some important historical events. Some of those:

Rover Amundsen, the man who first went to the southern pole in 1911, and Ernest Shackleton travel to Antarctica in 1914, were used. Again in 1924, jackets made of this fabric was used by George Mallory while climbing Everest mountain but this attempt has been recorded as an unfortunate endeavor to date.

After 1950, the textile sector started to use Gabardine fabric in a more industrial way, especially as an alternative to producing jackets, trousers and suits.

Especially the jackets, which can be used in reverse, and short and daily use garments have been used gabardine as raw materials. After, this fabric will be adopted by the rock culture in the following period and will be adopted as a clothing style.